Why break barrels are a popular hunting weapon!


For any game of hunting it is important to use an air rifle that will not torture the wildlife but would rather kill the target instantly with minimal effort. Mover an injured target might escape spoiling the fun of hunting. You need good hunting techniques and air rifle to carry out a safe and enjoyable hunting spree. Les Stein therefore advises that a hunter should know the target and the weaponry before they jump for a hunting voyage. There are host of air rifles in the market. You can choose the one depending on your convenience.

Break barrel- what it is?

It is a very popularly used air rifle. You can even say it is so easy to use that it is almost a favorite among starters. In fact most hunters start their hunting voyage with a break barrel. What owes for its popularity is it’s easy to start mechanism, hunter do not need much effort to start a break barrel. It is a pellet kind of air gun where you need to load it after every shot. Along with this comes the fact that it is very powerful in terms of result. The reason why it is called a break barrel is because it comes with a spring mechanism where you can break it from the part where the gun ends. You can insert your pellet and then bring it back to the original position.

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Maintenance and Accuracy

You do not need to do much when it comes to maintaining a break barrel. All you need is inserting a clearing pellet after breaking it from the removable joint and cleaning the residue. Leaving behind the residue might harm the accuracy of your shot. Therefore Leslie Stein Firepower suggests cleaning your barrel regularly.

It is highly easy to use as all you need to do is break the barrel, insert the pellet and fire. It is very true that break barrel comes with very good accuracy. On the other hand it is true the kind of ammunition you use and environment you select for your hunting spree does affect the accuracy of your break barrel.


You can use break barrels not only for hunting but also for target shooting. It is a highly versatile shooting weapon in terms of both utility and aesthetics. The only con you can say is the price of the gun; it is a bit pricey because it comes with a lifetime guarantee. As such if you are ready to make good investment for your happy hunting spree, then you must opt for a break barrel.

To decide on who makes best break barrels might be a tricky affair as there are multiple brands and models flooding the market. However the basic trait for all model are same irrespective of the brands. However you can research it minutely before making your final purchase.  Therefore Leslie Stein Firepower points out that you should be very careful with the kind of ammunition you use to have best and accurate shots.