What Is The Role Of An Android Expert Witness?


An expert witness provides expert testimony about computer technology and software and supports each and every phase of software-related litigation.

An expert witness:

  • Inspects complex and large code bases and explains how they work.
  • Authors expert reports that efficiently support particular conclusions with detailed technical evidence.
  • Provides expert witness consulting and testimony.

Endowed with comprehensive experience in patent litigation, an expert witness:

  • Helps refute or develop patent infringement claim charts.
  • Provides feedback from a technical perspective, during the process of claim construction.
  • Investigates prior research and art patent invalidity.
  • Consults on investigations related to patents on computer software.

Being experienced in every type of software disputes, an expert witness:

  • Investigates the drawbacks behind software development failures that often lead to “breach of contract” lawsuits.
  • Analyzes whether software copyright infringement or software license infringement has taken place.
  • Performs software failure analysis and determines whether the damage caused could have been prevented.
  • Performs forensic data recovery for retrieving and repairing important information that has got lost, damaged, or deleted.

An expert witness is thoroughly knowledgeable in a wide range of computer technologies. A smartphone expert witness has profound understanding of the present-day top mobile phone platforms comprising iOS, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone 8, Brew, to name a few. An expert witness serves as patent infringement litigation consultant for reputed legal firms as well as multinational companies on patents related to smartphones. An impeccable industry background and proven results along with their focus in their field of work enable them to exceed their clients’ expectations in some of the most challenging situations.

An Android expert witness has direct experience with the Android platform that allows him to serve as a knowledgeable and trusted resource in cases that need an expert witness for Android-based phones. The experience of the Android expert witness extends from the core OS to peripherals comprising multimedia (including camera and video hardware), mobile apps, geo-location (GPS), social network services, cellular platforms (CDMA, GSM, LTE), etc.

Expert witnesses dealing with websites and internet software have direct working knowledge with a broad range of technologies comprising PHP, Java, SQL, JavaScript, .NET, Ruby, Python, Perl, to name only a few. They are specifically experienced in rich internet applications and websites that have complex back-end functionalities commonly created with the use of a 3-tiered architecture on the basis of a Linux – Apache – MySQL – PHP (LAMP) software stack.

Expert witnesses on Java software systems are highly qualified experts who particularly work with user-interface, embedded, and mobile systems. These expert witnesses know JAVA ME, JAVA SE, JAVA EE, and all the tools needed to form systems with these technologies, like the Eclipse IDE. They also have a thorough understanding of how Java is different from all other programming languages and what goes on inside the Java Virtual Machine.

One cannot be an efficient expert witness if he does not comprehend the legal concerns in question. The fact that patents are legal documents and not engineering documents needs to be understood clearly and that can be done by an expert witness.