What Allie Teaches the Community through Her Film?


In the majority of film reviews, following release of the super thrilling family entertainment movie’ The Bracelet of Bordeaux’, other than, great direction, story, script, background music and camera, what fascinated the millions of viewers of America remarkably is the appearance, acting and look of the teenage Allie Fremin, who is in the lead role of the movie. The major cause of this craze is to know more about the teen girl who has performed even better than a professional performer in her very first film in an American film.

When it comes to the movie director Casey Kelly, very much predictably, a masterpiece presentation from his side was quite anticipated. Incidentally Kelly is highly acknowledged and an extremely popular film director in the industry for his great competence as well, long time involvement in American film making. According to Casey Kelly that it’s his lifetime’s first experience that he received unending mails of appreciation from the viewers just for finding out a promising actress like Allie Fremin.

Surprisingly, none of Allie’s family has had a background of acting on the stage nor she acted in any school dramas other than taking part in some recitation programs. According to Casey, however, so far he has observed, Allie is tremendously dedicated and is having a go-getting attitude which is a big plus point for any actor. Appreciating her continuous efforts, rehearsal sessions, spending long practice session in her home before the mirror, Kelly affirms that all these elements are the add-ons, which has helped her perform so well in the movie. According to this prominent director with enough competence and knowledge about acting in cinema that devotion to work aside from self confidence is a must and is the key in acting. So whatever may be the connections and episodes to her coming into American movie, she deserves appreciation because she has excellence.

The movie ‘bracelet of Bordeaux’  is a 100% family entertaining suspense packed thriller movie and an ideal one if you plan to see the film with your entire family together with grandpa to kids. The other aspect of the movie is that from the view point of learning certain values, commitment and responsibilities of being a social element, it communicates a significant note to kids and young boys and girls. Whereas, we are always running after success, hectic to compete with other; we should also remain alert about the social evils. This can simply destroy all our dreams; spoil our social harmony and friendliness.

Incidentally, throughout the world the number of crimes is increasing day by day. It’s the moral responsibility of youngsters to counter such evilness jointly. By playing her role of a courageous girl Allie Fremin has basically transmitted this massage that when we are brave, we are together; committing unlawful activity in our healthy society is not possible. As per reviews, The Bracelet of Bordeaux’ is one of the finest family entertainment films in American film history.