Watch and win in the video contest on the mobile film festival


Nowadays, most of the people have their mobile and they use them highly for the entertainment purposes. In that way, they use their phone for taking the photos, videos and so on. Furthermore, it is also very interesting to share their own videos to the public for getting publicity among others.  So, people love to upload their videos on the social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. However, it is a good thing when the uploaded video has been awarded with prize than getting the likes. For this purpose, the mobile film festival is introduced newly the internet world and it provides the affordable recognition to the video among people. In addition to that, it also offers the gifts and prizes who have won in giving the right message in their video. So, most of the people have the interest in uploading their useful videos in the mobile film festival France site. In this article, you will see about the rules and regulations for uploading their video on the mobile film festival site.

Register yourself on the mobile film festival

Actually, the mobile film festival is a contest which is based on the videos. So, anyone can upload their video on the site and the admin will analyse the film which you have uploaded in the video. So, any video can win in the contest and can be awarded with cash or some other prizes. The organizer of the mobile film festival is Mobil event and the film, which has the simple and useful concept, can be awarded. Moreover, the contest is running on this month and any person can participate in the contest. It is important to say that the competition participation is free of cost and so anyone can join in the program. However, the contest can be available 24X7 on the website of the Mobil event in this month and so candidate can upload their films anytime.

Rules for participating in the contest

Before participating in the contest, the participant should read and accept the rules and regulations which are shown on the site. Anyone found to be in breach of anyone term will no longer be allowed to join in the competition. Furthermore, the participant should be over the age of 18 at the time of participation. So, if you want to upload your video on the mobile film festival, then you need to register on the site. To register yourself, you need to provide your name and contact address.  It is to be noted that, only one entry is allowed to every participant. Moreover, your video should have the duration of only one minute with any concept. Then, you can upload your video and you can see the videos which are uploaded by others. In addition to that, you can also share and invite your friends to see the films which are uploaded on the site. So, the results can be in the category of winner of the day, week, and overall winner. So, you can also participate in the contest to get the affordable prizes.