Traveloka – The Most Advanced Travel Company in The Southeast Asian Region


People around the world often try to explore new areas or regions for getting some fresh experience, which has the potential of rejuvenating the vigor and helping in withering away the monotony of daily routine. It is not a modern-day feature, the civilization grew through the most advance discoveries and inventions, which were obtained by assimilation of culture and habits of different people from the different region that had taken place due to travel of human forces from one area to another. In the contemporary world, travel and tourism are considered to be a very upcoming, as well as, profitable business venture, because the world is now like a global village and people are more prone to get accustomed with new areas and cultures. This unique aspiration has paved the way for lots of organizations and individuals to get flourished in their specific business venture on travel and leisure.

Its Profile

The emerging business of travel and tourism in the Southeast Asian region opened up immense opportunities for many to get into this profitable venture and Travelokais considered to be a frontrunner in this field with its unique range of services and credentials. It is the most upcoming and fastest-rising tech company, which provides the most customized online booking services for hotels, airlines, railways and others with greater accuracy and transparency. The headquarter of this company is situated in Jakarta, Indonesia; considered as the travel heaven in the Southeast Asian region. This particular company has been started and developed by three of the finest technocrats in Indonesia, who have extraordinary skill as practitioners in the technology information and having massive experience of working with various tech companies in the Silicon Valley in the USA. The company has already got engaged with 33 nos. of Airlines, which are in aggregate serving almost 18000 routes in different areas in the Asia Pacific region. Apart from this, it has the excellent credential of having tied up with thousands of property and hotels, spanning all over the Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong and with additional hotels in some other countries, which helped their clientele to have the most splendid travel experience through the company.

The Booking And Other Features

Traveloka has the credential of having the customized solution of any travel issue for their customers; courtesy the unique management and technological development of online booking aspects. Not only the easy booking of tickets and hotels, the company provides a complete consultancy of every finer details of travel and the most up to date customer friendly payment options, which is considered as the USP of the company. The CyberSource, payment management solution provider, is helping Traveloka in serving their clients with customized payment avenues, which are being made through online facilities and ensures the reliability. Since the establishment of the company in 2012, it has already served a large volume of travelers with proper care and credibility. The flawless, reliable and most advanced mode of service has made the company a real frontrunner and often adjudged as the best among equals in the same field.