TradeGBP: A great option for beginners and experts


With the advancement of technology and communication trading currency or more commonly called FOREX has never been easier to do. Now any person regardless of financial restrictions or experience can start trading currency online in real time. There are many options for traders to choose from in terms of choosing a platform. Users want a clean and smooth website, ease of use, and great support in case problem arises. This is where TradeGBP comes in. TradeGBP is an established trading platform that has gained the trust of traders around the world. The website is very bright with a good design. Trading has never been easier with a quick account activation and funding of the account. There are numerous ways to trade such as tradition forex trading, gold and silver, money manager accounts, etc.

Depositing and withdrawing funds from your account is easy. The user can deposit via credit cards/debit cards, wire transfer, and newer electronic money transfer such as Qiwi. withdrawing is as simple as requesting the withdrawal to your bank account. There are many different types of accounts to choose from. Depending on your amount of deposit there are three different layers of accounts. The more you deposit the more options you have. The ability to have your account managed by yourself or by a money manager is really smart and will attract users that do not have the confidence in trading and would rather have an experienced manager trade for them. One interesting part of opening an account with Trade GBP is the deposit bonus. The more money you deposit the bigger the bonus will be. This is a very attractive offer compared to other trading platforms that do not have this feature.

A problem with this platoform that is easily noticeable is that on certain tabs on the website when clicked on will have no content. Two examples are the privacy policy tab is clicked all there is on the page is “Privacy Policy – Content” and the Economic Calendar tab having the same message. For the majority of traders this might not be a big issue, but for the small trader with only a couple hundred dollars to deposit this might be a turn off from using this platform now and in the future. Another issue is that there is no live chat support feature. This is definitely an issue that most traders will not be very fond of. When a problem arises and money is on the line this tool could be very helpful.

Trading with is a sleek and easy introduction to trading for small traders, and an easy step for big experienced traders. There are so errors and support issues that can be worked on and fixed but overall this platform is not bad. Traders will really appreciate the deposit bonus and the ability to trade multiple currencies and commodities. With many other firms starting to enact their own trading software the industry is becoming very saturated with good players and bad players. is a good player in this new industry for new traders and experienced ones alike.