The New Leo Privacy Guard Review



With so many prying eyes around, each mobile phone user is at risk of privacy breach. In fact, it is not uncommon to find people’s private pictures, videos and other important information leaked out to the general public. Moreover, with an upsurge in the number of people using smartphones, the likelihood of such cases being on the rise is quite high. That is why every online and mobile user needs privacy protection.

This is what prompted LEOMASTER, a leading mobile App developer to launch a new privacy protection application called LEO Privacy Guard. The app is specially designed to secure your smartphone as well as the applications it contains. It boasts of incremental protection levels, which are tailored to match the needs of individual users.


Some of the main features of this app include:

  1. A Simple Design

The design of this App focuses on both simplicity and utility. For instance, it has a simple and intuitive interface which features privacy protection, App lock and the settings tabs, where you can see features and the security status. For instance, under privacy protection, you can easily see the current level of protection as well as the toggle privacy protection for call records, messages, photos and videos. This allows for a very effective and individualized execution, which ensures smooth user experience.

  1. An Intelligent App Lock Tool

With the increase in the use of smartphones across the globe, social media as well as Ecommerce Apps are quite vulnerable. The Leo Privacy Guard App lock mechanism allows you to anticipate different scenarios. To counter any breach of privacy, the App give you optimal control over location, duration and other presets. You just need to click and lock your apps. Moreover, it has different modes to help you cope with different scenarios. The App covers also help to trick snoopers.

  1. Innovative Protection Levels

This application has introduced a very innovative way of categorizing privacy protection across different levels. They include good, perfect, normal and vigilant. Moreover, the app will recommend for you the most appropriate level of privacy based on your conditions, enabling you to make informed choices. Concerning the snooping of phone records and text messages, the new Leo Privacy Guard 1 will guarantee you full protection, keeping you worry-free.

  1. WiFi Security Scan 

Its multi-mode compound algorithm analyzes WiFi security. Ideally, it auto-detects WiFi in backstage and protect the security of your network all the time. This prevents your private information, messages, call logs, photos and videos from finding their way into some unsecured network and the general public.

  1. Break-In Alert

This feature will alert you when someone breaks into your phone. Moreover, the function takes a photo of the intruder, enabling you to know whoever was trying to access your phone.

  1. The Anti-theft Function

Just in case your phone is stolen, this feature will enable you to know its exact location. In addition, it will lock all the applications on your phone so as to avert any leakage of private data. It will also trigger an alarm for easier location of the phone.

This application also monitors app installation status, the battery level and data usage, an aspect that helps to ensure that you have a hassle-free and enjoyable experience with your phone. Moreover, it has a number of beautifully designed interfaces that you can use to lock your phone’s screen. If you value the privacy of your smartphone, the new Leo Privacy Guard  is the best App to use.