Special Machines Which Form The Backbone Of OEM Industry


OEM industry i.e. original equipment manufacturing industry is responsible for molding the metals into a variety of shapes which can further be used to make sheets, pipes, bearings etc. Metals which have great tensile strength, are appreciably malleable and are sufficiently ductile can be made to go through certain machines which can convert metal and its alloys into desirable shapes. Mentioned below are some of the special machines which are available at Quantum Machinery and can do the job of converting metals into desirable shapes.

Metal rolling machine – how it transforms metal sheets

The metal rolling machine is made of side-rolls, top roll, and pinching roll. The pinching roll does the job of holding the metal sheet between the side-rolls. Top rolls elongate the metal sheet along the vertical axis and the side-rolls bend the sheet converting it into cylindrical shapes with desirable dimensions.

Metal rolling machine having three rolls is classified as Variable 3 roll machine. This 3-roll arrangement can deliver metallic cylinders of varying thicknesses ranging from ½” to 2″.

4-roll and 4-roll verticals are other variations of these bending machines which can produce more sophisticated cylindrical shapes out of a metal sheet.

Angle roll machines or angle rolls – functioning and output

Angle roll machine is used to produce typical structures out of pipes, bent metals, sheets and, etc. Section bending is another function of these machines. This function gives these machines the nomenclature of section benders, too.

Angle rolls are used to produce the pipes having different radii. Computer aided designing allows visualizing the look of sections when cut at various angles. This helps the designers in creating amazing structures having metallic base and innovation in looks and appeal.

Saws, cutting machines – get the edge over everything

Saws are of various types, main of them are:

  • Cold saws
  • Band saws

Cold Saw: Cold saw is named as such because while cutting the article using a cold saw, the heat is transferred to the object being cut instead of staying captive in the saw. As a result, the saw stays cold.

The cold saw should be operated only after thorough training. You may get any part of your body severed if negligence is observed while operating it.

Band Saw: Band saw is used to make finer pieces of wood. One can choose the right blade width to trim down the wood into the pieces of desired shape and size. The roughly cut wood flakes which tend to accumulate around the blade are to be removed on a regular basis for smooth cutting.

Cutting machines are used when the volume of woods to be cut and shaped is humungous. Logs and logs of wood can be made to go through the pre-set blades in cutting machines which ultimately produce a better quality of pieces having consistency in shape and size.

Machines do the job of making many jobs easier. OEM industry is unimaginable without the machinery. One can visit Quantum Machinery online to get a fair idea about various machines and machine parts and stay updated.

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