The side effects and usage of Winstrol for women


While there are some steroids that are exclusively for men, these days, there are quite some steroids that can be used by both women and men. Winstrol is one such steroid which has gained popularity among women users as well. Women prefer it because they are less androgenic than other steroids and that it helps in cutting down fat very effectively. It is not just women who love to burn fat who uses Winstrol but it is also a favorite of women bodybuilders as it also helps build a lean and fit body, making Stanozolol is one option for women.

The dosage and results of Winstrol

When it comes to steroids that are the most popular ones for women, one is Anavar and the other is definitely Winstrol. Though there are side effects, stacking with Stanozolol is helpful, as Stanozolol is one option to burn fat. Women use it mainly as it can burn fat very effectively. At the same time, muscles are not lost, the result is a lean physique which has lot of lean muscles that are strong as well. Also, the dose for Winstrol is less for women which is just 10 mg daily. The cycle can last for about 5 to 6 weeks.

In any case, if any woman users observe any type of virilization effects then, it is best not to use Winstrol.  The only way to prevent side effects is to use Winstrol responsibly by sticking to the dose and cycle as recommended.

Side effects of Winstrol

In men, the testosterone levels may be reduced on using Winstrol. So, men supplement it with testosterone to avoid the low levels of the hormone. In women, this effect does not happen but there can be androgenic effects. If any user happens to notice any masculinising effects, then they should not go ahead with Winstrol. But it may not happen with all.  Other side effects in women include increase hair growth, imbalance in menstrual cycle, vocal chord changes, and even clitoris swelling.

For women users, the side effects of Winstrol can be minimized if they use it responsibly. There are many women users who have been using the steroid to bring about fat loss and they haven’t been suffering from any servere side effects. So, the effect of Winstrol may differ from people to people and that is why it is important to test the steroid before you go for completing the cycle.

Since women use Winstrol for fat loss, a point to note is that high doses of Winstrol should never be consumed. Since Winstrol is effective, small dose of it is more than enough to bring about the desired fat loss.

Women have to be careful while using Winstrol. Though not all women will have the same side effects, there are side effects as any type of steroid will bring about negative effects. The only side effect that women need to be cautious about Winstrol is the Virilization effect. This too should not be a problem with low dose and a short cycle. In any case, those women find themselves with this side effect, there is no other option but to discontinue the use of Winstrol altogether and take some alternative steroids. But for those women who do not find any such effects can continue to use Winstrol for fat cutting and thus losing weight but in any case, it is important to follow a low dose and the cycle as advised.