Seeking new ways to have fun online


Watching movies online, on DVD or at the cinema are all favourite ways to spend our leisure time, while best-loved characters and Hollywood franchises now frequently feature in online gaming and casino games. There is now a stellar range of casinos and variety of games to play online, with online scratch cards becoming a really popular way to have fun.

Gaming on the go

Scratch cards have long since been a popular game to play particularly due to their simplicity. The move to online gaming has made scratch cards even more attractive, with the ability to play just being a click away, and new interactivity means that card players can even talk to each other online now. The instantaneous play that online scratch cards games can offer makes them a really accessible option to finding new ways to get a hit of excitement online. There has been a phenomenal increase in people using smartphones to browse online, with mobile devices leading the way in reshaping the gambling industry. It is expected that mobile gambling will account for about 40 per cent of the online gambling market within the next three years. The shift to mobile has motivated many operators to develop a broader range of mobile game offerings, while personalizing features and allowing users to access platforms instantly and conveniently on their phones.


Phones” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  Sunshinee14 

Finding ways to play

Scratch cards can be found at nearly all the online casinos nowadays, so the best way to find the most appropriate scratch card portal would be to have a look at a review sites such as Gr8 Scratchcard. Gr8 Scratchcard searches the best scratch card games from trusted casino gaming sources, and reviews each for playability, listing which sites you can play at, and also giving a run-down on the latest promotions and free cash deals available. Once you have created an account with your chosen scratch card website, the fun can begin. Some sites offer free scratch card games as a taster to see how the game plays. Many scratch card sites offer stakes as low as £1 to £10 in order to get started, with welcome bonuses of up to £500 matched by the online provider.


140 scratch cards” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  matsuyuki 

Quick wins

The immediacy of scratch cards means that prizes are revealed in a split second, with some lucky players even potting winnings in the millions. The level of prizes that you can win depends on the game you choose, with many scratch cards being linked to TV and movie franchises. As an example, movie franchise scratch cards such as Iron Man offer the chance to find three reactor symbols in a row in order to pocket the random cash prize. The Iron Man 2 game gives you an auto-play function allowing you to automatically scratch through a given number of cards to see if there is a prize, with the option of being able to shuffle cards before each play making it even easier to play online.