Passing A Urine Test With Fake Urine Is Easy


Do you get drunk quickly? Do you get the kick and feel high pretty soon? Then you should always be prepared to face the consequences, even if you don’t do anything wrong after drinking. However, don’t you worry – with the help of the concept of synthetic urine, you can get rid of the problem and find a nice solution for yourself. The concept has gained a lot of importance lately, since you get to pass the tests without being caught by the officials.

Tips on choosing the right urine test to substitute your urine:

  • Make sure that your test is going to go unsupervised.
  • If you are going in for a test that is prescribed by the company you are employed by, then you are safe. They rarely check so stringently. However, if it is a police test then be aware that nowadays there are many devices intended to detect whether a sample is natural or artificially manufactured. Hiding it inside your underwear might not be such a good idea.
  • If you have to use it, then make sure you use a reliable brand! Using low quality fake urine is a really bad idea as it will get detected within seconds. These test labs have high quality devices which makes it possible to detect forgery. You might be in jail within days.
  • If you are absolutely sure that you have got to use it, only then go in for fake sample. You might think that you need it when in reality you don’t as the presence of drugs in your urine might be for medical reasons. But if you know that you have smoked pot in huge quantities and cannot pass the test without it then it is a good idea.
  • If you are sure that the amount that you smoked is not really huge and might be camouflaged, then going in for detox rituals is a good bet for you!

How is your urine checked in the lab?

  • EMIT is the first test that is done on your urine sample. It means Enzyme Multiplied Immunoassay Technique.
  • Then a dip strip is used for detection of proteins and drugs present in the sample.
  • The sample is dropped on a strip, which changes colour according to the clarity of the sample. If it does change colour, then it means that the urine has drugs in it. Otherwise, it is given a clean chit.
  • Then if the sample tests are positive for drugs, they are sent on to a lab for further tests marked with a label. This test is done to eliminate any mistakes that might have happened up to this point.

Tricks to hide your fake urine in a supervised test:

  • You can keep it in a bag, which is attached to the inner thigh. This method has been there for ages.
  • Wear double underwear and keep the urine bag in between.
  • For females, it is much difficult but hiding it inside your vagina is an option.
  • You can attach a special belt on your waist and keep it there.

Author bio: Kaley is a writer and has published several articles in international magazine. She has widely researched in the field of synthetic urine and writes on the same.