Meet The Great Enthusiast of Jewish history, customs and philosophy


Having been positioned as the President, Lead educator and Advisor at Dameron Fine Art, a Lakewood, NJ based Jewish school; Ronald Safdieh offers research-based education to children and youngsters, the members of Jewish community living in New Jersey and its neighborhoods. The key objective of this education society is to make the forthcoming generation knowledgeable about the long established Jewish Culture based on its philosophy, values and legacy through different easy-to-follow subjects, themes and tales. Ronald is an extremely respected personality just not in the Jewish society but in the educational world as well. For his untiring enterprise, knowledge and mind-set to spread the awareness, and preserve the core thoughts and ideologies of Jewish way-of-life and Sephardic traditions he has been greatly appreciated many times by different societies.

At Dameron Fine Art, Ronald in combination with his fellow teachers, educate students on the exclusive Torah lessons, methods of learning Hebrew Language and how to develop its writing skills. Ronald Safdieh has devoted his brilliant efforts and worked hard to design the study course with an aim to let the students understand the things in a better and easy way.  The coursework include all academic areas that focus on Jewish history, customs and philosophy. Students can also learn all the academic topics in this distinguished Jewish school. On behalf of his education center, Ronald, a devotee of Jewish requests all parents and guardians to help children learn and explore the immense heritage and lessons and philosophical views of Sephardic heritage which accompany them all through their professional as well as personal life.

Ronald Safdieh is a successor of Sephardic Jews which has had connection with the Jewish community of Portugal and Spain. As of day, he is a distinguished associate and noteworthy member of NJ-NY urban Jewish inhabitants. Through the ages, Sephardic Jews are extensively recognized for their extraordinary achievement in the areas including literature, science, politics, music, entertainment and sports. Many of them are especially honored by major societies while some are respectfully remembered of being the Nobel Prize recipients. When it comes to the contribution of a community toward nation’s fame, wellbeing and prosperity, regardless of whether it is the world-famed film industry Hollywood, ministries, education or public departments, a number of Sephardic Jews have had established their brilliance, expertise and ability quite remarkably in the world.

These great achievements and well deeds of his predecessors make Ronaldfeel proud of them and he sincerely hopes the forthcoming generation will also contribute this legacy in the same manner and establish their talents which remain innate with Jewish community.  Aside from involving in the role of an exemplifying educator, organizer and developer of Dameron Fine Art, Ronald Safdieh devotes long hours for organizing developmental programs at neighboring Jewish institutes. It’s in the annual banquet meet, for his outstanding advocacy for training of REBBEIM; Ronald has agreed to be the ‘guest-of-honor’ organized by the Yeshiva YISHREI-LEV. In this get-together, his whole family was offered special honor for their dedicated involvement for community’s wellbeing.