Main Street Market Is Going To Be a Major Segment for Employment


Petroleum Wholesale LP owns 20 land properties, which are scheduled toward the development of Main Street Market in the next couple of years. Those who love shopping as well, who remain hectic throughout the week and prefer buying their household necessities can now avail all these advantages in much relaxed way with the MSM in the market. You must be aware that the major complex of Main Street Market falls on the Interstate 20; half way situate between Midland and Odessa in Texas. While the marketplace boasts its presence as a unique travel center, it is equipped with assortment of retail, grocery, dining, and fuel options.

The brainchild of Petroleum Wholesale  LP, MSM has received overwhelming response, appreciation and acceptance from millions of Americans, the Corporate America and top industrialists across the world. The Texas-based community that embarked on its business voyage in 1971 only with two outlets now enjoys the strongest network when it comes to commercial fuel distribution business in Western America. Though, it has operational channel all through 9 states, however, its distribution market has been toughened majorly in Western part.

While the TX folks are as focused as the earlier with its parent business of fuel distribution; the great acceptance of Main Street Market has inspired the group to expanding their innovative hybrid retail marketing chain. However, for this, the enterprise has already opened a special wing which has been equipped with top talents from retail market industry. In addition, it has absorbed quite a good number of employees from different fields like marketing, technical services, hospitality and more to get their huge marketing project completely prepared. With its massive expansion plan, the President J. Cook is highly optimistic that MSM is going to be a major place for employment for skilled people.

In addition, the company is fully geared up in order to expand its fast food retail network and has planned to let people enjoy the maximized fast food pleasure. In the coming years the group is likely to open a series fast food point of Steak ‘n Shake in the entire state of UT and for metropolitan area of Houston. Apart from MSM in TX, it has already opened one more outlet of Steak ’n Shake outlet in Salt Lake City.

Cook took pride to state in the press meeting that one of the major key that helped Petroleum Wholesale LP to gain instant success is surely its long reputation that it has bagged in more than 45 years of being in American market as a brand of ‘excellence’, ‘allegiance and ‘consistency’ . No wonder, in the success of MSM one good reason is its genius blend that embraces unique layout, great merchandising, facilities fullness and graphical presentations that make customers coming back.

In meeting Corporate Social Responsibility program, the community is involved in many philanthropic activities meant for community developmental curriculum. Conversely, it has already taken lead in providing safety shelters for neglected, abused and helpless animals. Petroleum Wholesale LP has been acknowledged as one of the top initiators that has wonderfully developed a pet-friendly lodging place in TX.