Impressive muscle mass gain is possible with iPamorelin

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iPamorelin is a mild and side-effect friendly growth hormone releasing Peptide (GHRP) hormone. It was primarily developed by Novo Nordisk, a pharmaceutical company and made its way to the Phase 2 clinical trials with Helsinn Therapeutics. Though it showed effective initial results, its full trial was never concluded. Despite not completing the full trials, it is extensively used as a drug by the bodybuilders. This supplement has the properties to promote the pituitary gland. It is popularly used as a muscle building supplement by those who want muscle mass gain. It is also known as NNC-26-0160 and IPAM that is injected while undergoing a treatment.

Generally, this compound is used for muscle mass gain and also to take advantage of the anti-aging process besides getting relief from pain. When this hormone is administered by an athlete, it stimulates the pituitary gland to release growth hormone. This way it supports muscle development without any bone growth. Due to this, users experience lean muscle growth without any bone deformity. This supplement is similar to the GHRP-6 peptide that enhances ghrelin and aims a particular GH pulse. But it does not result in an increase of hunger that is often associated with a GHRP-6 hormone. Moreover, it affects only the plasma growth hormone and has no influence on cortisol.

Correct dosages of this compound

The typical dosages of this supplement for bodybuilding range between 200-300 mg to be taken twice orthrice every day. For the first time users, one may start with the dosage of only 100 mg to become acquainted with its effects. This steroid cycle should be used for a minimum duration of 8-12 weeks. It can be also be used for an extended period without an increase in side effects which is unlikely with the stronger GHRPs. Consume the supplement on an empty stomach, give twenty-thirty minutes to take its effect. To aid the workout process, take a nutritious and protein-rich meal.

Some users inject the dosages thrice a day, along with the meals and exercise periods. It is injected into the abdomen internally. This supplement is available as a frozen dried powder like the other peptides. When it is ready for use, the powder must be diluted with the bacteriostatic water and then can be stored in the fridge. Do not shake as it can cause damage to the peptide. People who use it as an anti-aging product, take it once daily and those who use it for muscle building take it few times daily. Experts advise dosing before workouts and before bedtime or on waking up.

Availability of this medication

This hormone is still in the R & D stage and therefore not available in the local pharmacies. Manufacturers can sell them for research purposes and there is no requirement of a prescription. Some of the overseas online pharmacies sell them though not common. Mostly they can be purchased from the online chemical research companies. It can be legally purchased in the U.S. only for research purposes. Before making a purchase, be aware of the laws of the residing country. Its functions are similar to the GHRP-6 peptide and works without the adverse side effects.