Hidden information about the IVC filter lawsuit


The IVC is broadly known as Inferior Vena Cava filter and it is a form of layer that carries patients, who are incapable of taking anticoagulation or blood thinner in order to secure blood clots from shifting to the lungs. It has been developed since 2000 and got the FDA’s (food and drug administration) approval in 2003. It is widely prescribed all over the nation to patients prone to interior blood clotting problems. The IVC predicts the clots in the human blood stream and over time, the clots dissolve. IVF filters are in twenty five mm length, web – format filter, designed by using platinum is surgically fixed into the human vein in an effort to minimize the risk of blood clots. IVC is not suggested to all blood clotted patients yet this approach is mostly prescribed to blood clot patients, who are unable to take anti-clotting drugs. It may be simply handled as a life saving equipment, promoting the risk of filter causing deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism recurrence by means of a considerable security venous return that bypass the IVC filter. The American FDA received hundreds of unfavorable statements about the retrievable filters.

Complications arise in the IVC filters

IVC filter is used for curing the blood clot and also cured many patients’ blood clotting problems over the last few years. But, it also received some complications, according to the report of American food and drug federation and ivc filter lawsuit that clearly showed the problems faced by the patients, who received a blood clot operation. The complications that may arise are: hemorrhaging or internal bleeding, heart beat issues, chest and neck pain; breathing problems, make confusion, nausea, hypotension and many more. In some cases, it also causes the pulmonary embolism and stroke that lead to death. All the above problems occur only when the filter is damaged or fractured. When it is damaged, it slowly move into the heart and lungs and prick these systems. A stroke happens when the blood travels in the brain area. These kinds of injuries do not affect all patients, but it dangerously affects some patients.

IVC filter injury: who is the responsible person?

The damaging of filter into your body or blood vessel can be life threatening. All people want the answer of who is responsible for this injury? The IVC filter justice makes a right conclusion for this problem with great entity liable that is, the makers of these filters. It is the responsibility of the manufacturing industries only to correct their mistakes and compensate for the patient’s filter damage. They form a lawsuit once the IVC filter wound is found. According to this lawsuit, they work hard to ensure the best possible result. And then, they make sure the manufacturing industries pay the compensations for the ivc filter lawsuit. The manufacturers are responsible to notify patients and physicians of the health issues related to the items by using appropriate channels. It has been mentioned that the filter items were defective. It also has been noticed that the manufacturers already knew there were issues.