Full Honors: The Best Funeral Homes for Military Veterans


All American military members deserve the best honor available when they come to the end of their lives on this earth. Whether they are elderly veterans who served in wars past or young men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice today, we want to honor their lives and passing in a way that shows love and gratitude for the dedication to their country. When the need arises, be sure to choose a funeral home that understands and appreciates the honorable way to say goodbye to a military loved one.

The Funeral Director

According to Military, when you visit the funeral home the director will have a number of questions that need to be answered. He or she will need to know if the deceased was a member of the military, which branch, and if he or she received an honorable discharge. The local field office for the correct branch of the military will provide the funeral director with the requirements for funeral honors to be presented. The honors include a flag to be draped over the coffin, a military detail to carry the coffin to the grave and prepare for honors, the service, a military rifle salute, folding of the flag, presentation of the flag, and the playing of Taps. There is never a cost associated with military honors.

The Service

According to Cleveland Cremation of Medina OH, the funeral home you choose should be experienced with the requirements for a military funeral. The funeral home knows what the military requires and how to organize the service. The funeral director will be sensitive to the needs of the family. Military funerals reach deep into the heart and stir up emotions. Listening to the playing of Taps as a member of the military is laid to rest is an emotional experience you will always remember. It’s a way to show the appreciation for their service to their country and fellow citizens. The presentation of the flag reminds everyone present of the love the deceased had for his or her country. It also shows the family how appreciative the military is of the sacrifices the family of the deceased made.

When you are in need of funeral services for a family member who served in the military, choose a home that has experience working with veteran’s services.