Experience the Scuba Dive in Indonesia


There is no doubt about the fact that Indonesia has more fascinating dive spots than another country. Well, with the impossibility to visit all the spot in one trip, it could be the strong reason why you need to come back again and again to this country, right? In Indonesia, you can experience thrilling experience in Komodo Island, or have a fun wreck diving in Tulamben, Bali, or enjoy the pleasant panoramic view in Wakatobi. By the end, you will always capable to find a beautiful underwater life and virgin habitats in every dive spot you have ever visited in Indonesia. There are several recommended scuba dive spots in Indonesia, such as Raja Ampat, Komodo Islands, Bunaken National Marine Park, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida, and the list can go longer.

Indonesia located below the equator; therefore, you will find out warm and humid temperature around 20 degrees Celsius, while the water visibility is around 15 to 30 meters. However, as there are still always best of the best upon the choices, here is several scuba dive recommendation for those who are underwater life enthusiast.

  • Bali

Begin from the most accessible island; you can start your underwater experience in Bali. In this place, the underwater environments somehow resemble any playground, which is totally exceptional, and you can meet and greet with molamolas, gigantic number of sharks, array, mantas, and another marine species.

  • Java

Located nearby the Bali Islands, scuba diving in Bali will trace a fascinating experience into your memories. It is the best place for novice diver due to the warm water temperature, provides crystal clear water environment, and also convenience and comfortable adventures as well.

  • Komodo Island

Even though Komodo Islands infamous with the living Komodo-dragon, it owns beautiful underwater life scenery you excite your expectation. The current somehow stronger than another dive spots, yet it is able to boost your adrenaline. The reward is priceless, of course, with great scenery of marine biodiversity.

  • Cenderawasih Bay

If you are curious with the appearance of whale sharks, make sure to put dive in Cenderawasih Bay on the first place. You know, the whale sharks can be seen regularly in this place, and you will be able to approach the gentle giants closely because the whale sharks well-known love to interact with the human-being. However, if you are not enjoying diving yet, it is still become a perfect place to snorkeling as well.

  • Bunaken National Marine Park

Well, who does not know about the infamous underwater life of Bunaken? Situated in North Sulawesi, it is the place where numerous local and foreign scuba divers recommended as a must-visit dive spot.

So, there are several popular scuba dive destinations in Indonesia you can use it as consideration. However, due to the distance and number of the best spots, it seems like you need to extend your vacation and enjoy the beautiful scenery of underwater life in Indonesia. Well, probably, there will be no more opportunity to meet and greet with a gigantic number of beautiful fish and capture exceptional marine diversity, right?