Bring Man’s Best Friend, Guide, And Sanctuary Home


After years of waiting, pet lovers can finally rejoice. Some hotels, homes, and even airports around the world are opening their doors to canine emotional service providers. In fact, the whole world is changing for the better. There are many sanctuaries being built around the world so that you can go and cuddle your favorite fur babies but did you know that you can now bring that sanctuary home?

No pet to go pet!

Do you remember those days when your landlord would point out indignantly to a sign that strictly says, “No pets allowed here”? Today, you might find the same landlord gleefully welcoming your crippled next door neighbor’s new pig or your friend’s dog, inspiring you to satisfy your curiosity regarding this sea change in his behavior. Heck! Did you even know that you could easily bring home that cute stray St. Bernard you saw on the street as an emotional support dog? And all this while you thought that you were crazy to want to bring that fuzzy buddy home! Once again, you decide to visit the local office that allows you to take home one of these fur babies and you realize that you need documentation from your physician that you are undergoing treatment for your emotional or physical disability. When is this never ending cycle going to end, right?

Gaining paw-hold in your personal space

Hey! Don’t despair! There are companies that give out letters stating that you are having “emotional” (psychological) problems to help you get one of these animals that are meant to be your furry soulmates for life without really visiting to see whether you are doing okay. Within the next Thanksgiving Day, you could find that cute St. Bernard sitting on your lap and comforting you at times of despair and need. But there’s one serious hitch even now! There are abuse laws that do not allow you to do acquire these fuzzy babies using letters from random companies that pretend to know you. Besides, you wouldn’t to try out something as crazy as that! Unless… you yourself are ready to get yourself tested for all the possible psychological problems you may have with a psychiatrist in your area and if you have one, you know you officially qualify to bring the sanctuary home.

Show me the papers!

Even though the organization allowing you to get these animals demands papers from you, it will give you lots of protection – whether you need to travel with your emotional support dog on airplanes or take it with you to a hotel that does not usually allow dogs or any other pets. Once you produce all the necessary papers, the others will do the tightrope walking for you! In fact, you would also find your emotional support animal doing that and more for you even if it has not really been trained to do so. If you are not approved, you know you may not be able to take one home but at least you know you tried with every drop of good intention oozing from your heart to be able to give love to and get love from some fuzzy baby on the earth. Besides, your intention should never be to get yourself a dog at the cost of flouting the laws. After all, you are getting an animal to heal yourself and not doing something horrible that you might regret.