A Note of the Valued Contribution To The Spiritual & Academic Development Of Jewish Boys


Young minds not only need academic development but they should be spiritually nurtured as well to lead honorable lives. This will make them balanced and responsible human beings with both a heart and soul to live life to the fullest. When it comes to spiritual development, you will not find any extensive program in regular academic institutions where students study on a daily basis. Spirituality is generally taught at home or by our grandparents or elders. They bring us closer to the roots and people tend to recognize the importance of living in harmony despite the cultural differences with one another!

When it comes to spiritual development and academic education, there are some notable individuals that have come forth to make a difference to the society of today. One such person is Ronald Safdieh. He heads the Dameron Fine Art. This esteemed institution has extensive academic programs that introduce Judaic faith and Jewish traditions to young Jewish boys. The institute is regarded to be a modern version of the old and classical Ketab. It is located in Lakewood in New Jersey and approximately has 120 students presently. The rich academic programs are targeted to teach young boys and give them valuable insights about Jewish history, culture and tradition.

The programs are taught by qualified teachers and the students are exposed to the Sephardic heritage at large. The institute also instills the values of the Torah principles in students. The onus of this Institute is to introduce students to their roots. With rampant immigration to more developed cities and nations, students are not aware of their true roots and some hardly know the amazing contributions to the world by their illustrious ancestors. They often are curious to find out more about their ancestors and family roots even in modern times.

This initiative of exposing students to their Jewish roots taken by Ronald Safdieh is indeed a noble one. His popular school is located at Lakewood in New Jersey. Here, many Jewish adults are still not aware of their roots as they have been raised on foreign shores. They hear stories from their parents and grandparents but still are interested to know more. There are hardly any such esteemed Jewish culture and heritage institutes in the USA today. The nation has many Jews settled in all its states. Ronald’s institute is a famous one in the country. It imparts value rich education in Jewish culture and regarded to be one of the top Jewish educational institutions in the USA today!

Thanks to Ronald Safdieh and his efforts, young Jewish boys are exposed to the multi-faceted world of Sephardic Jewish tradition and culture. The young minds are enriched with the amazing facts that this lovely religion has to offer. The academic programs are held regularly and they are conducted in an interesting manner. The institute also boosts of a well stacked digital library thanks to Ronald. Students can gain additional insights into the segments of teaching that interest them. Moreover, this digital library is a credible source of information to find out about Jewish culture and religion. No wonder the school is well loved and respected in the area of Lakewood in New Jersey today!